Following years of research and innovative development, the Austrian State Printing House founded YOUNIQX Identity AG as a company focusing on the business field of secure digital identities in November 2017. YOUNIQX bundles all of our products and services in the field of secure digital identities, presenting them also to an international audience. YOUNIQX enables us to be maximally flexible in meeting our customers’ needs in the best possible way.



  • Executive Board:
    Helmut Lackner
  • Executive Board:
    Lukas Praml

YOUNIQX Supervisory Board

Mag. Ulrike Huemer
Ing. Robert Schächter
Dr. Johannes Strohmeyer


Working at YOUNIQX

We are a unique company looking for unique employees. Profit participation for our employees is just one example of our innovative business style. At the moment, we are looking for staff members with the following qualifications: