Secure Identities: a Challenge

Secure identities are constantly gaining importance: for states, institutions, and enterprises. Both offline and online. Physical identity documents, which serve to prove a person’s identity, must be highly secure to prevent false identities and identity theft. Trading fake identity documents is an internationally booming business. Forgers continuously refine their methods. Currently, about 50 million documents are registered in search databases across Europe.

As digitalisation is constantly advancing, keeping digital identities secure is becoming an increasingly difficult task. The targeted large-scale theft of credit-card data, protected customer data, or passwords endangers people, companies, and institutions alike. Experts estimate that cybercrimes using false identities cause damage amounting to about 20 billion euros in Europe alone. As a result, people’s trust in the digital world is undermined and the potential for a good quality of life, growth, and a high employment rate cannot be harnessed. Communication and interaction between people, state institutions, and private companies have to be secure also when conducted online. Secure digital identity management is the best protection against cybercrimes and identity theft.


Secure Management of Identities

Enterprises, institutions, and states are finding it increasingly challenging to manage identities in a comprehensive and secure way, as this requires mature concepts and intelligent instruments. Identity management must be adjusted with great precision to meet the requirements and needs of users. The Austrian State Printing House has been providing high-security services for years and can offer convincing answers and highly secure solutions to customers looking for secure identities.

The Austrian State Printing House produces the Austrian passport, one of the most secure traditional identity documents in the world. Our portfolio of services ranges from the development, production, and handling of identity management systems through data and IT security and biometrics to the personalisation of ID documents including logistics. This is how we keep states and companies secure.

Secure digital identities: the Austrian State Printing House has been researching and developing solutions for high-security digital identity management for many years. The result is MIA (My Identity App), a globally unique solution for securing identities. We offer our products and services in the field of secure digital identities through YOUNIQX, a subsidiary of the Austrian State Printing House. This way we help maintain the highest security standards also in the digital world.